My experience with DIY eyelash extensions

Well, well, well.

Look at us. Me and you. You and me.

Two beautiful— albeit lash-lacking— gazelles, willing to risk it all to save a couple bucks all in the name of beauty.

I’ve been here before. I’ve put chemicals very close to my retinas in the name of beauty and I’ve written about it too.

But in that long-ago blog, I mentioned I’d write about my eyelash extensions, which I did at home under the misguided guise that it was very easy to do (Actually, it’s not that misguided. Spoiler: After a couple tries, you’d easily master gluing things to your eyes).

So here it is, how I put obviously fake strings of plastic that were manufactured to resemble actual human eyelashes onto my own lashes in my lifelong attempt to look like Jasmine from Aladdin.

I, uh, was scared the first time I did this because it involves putting a POINTY TWEEZER millimeters away from your delicate, probably squishy and easily penetrable, BALL of your EYE.


But after a few lashes, I got the hang of it.

Perhaps I was emboldened by the way I avoided a life-threatening chemical mishap in the form of perming my eyelashes, which is why I did this.

Nonetheless, I did this.

On the first go, I put the extensions UNDER my own lashes and I’ve stuck to that method ever since. It was my way of trying to hide my shame of using an at-home lash extension kit from the keen observations of lash techs or cosmetologists who have actual lash extension knowledge.

And yet here I am, showing my (cheap) ass.


Welp. Here’s what you’ll need budget-conscious bbs:

* * *

As with my lash perming experiment, my primary reason for risking my life this time (and maybe the reason behind all my decisions?) was my fervent wish to be a perky, lush-lashed woman without spending $200.

Lash extensions around these here parts are at least $150 and then you still have to pay for fills and that’s not going to cost $8.99 ever. If lash extensions at a salon near me were priced anywhere near $50 or in that neighborhood I WOULD CONSIDER.

But the reality is they don’t.

So I YouTubed and I worked myself into a DIY frenzy and took the leap.

In the mail came lash extensions, a bottle of glue and remover which I ended up not using at all.

The Ardell kit came with glue but I didn’t want it to dry with white stuff on my lashes🥴 so I ordered black glue. Ardell also sells black lash-tite glue for lash extensions but I thought it was too much glue for me so I opted for the smaller bottle from another brand.

Infiniti Premium Eyelash extension adhesive

Infiniti Premium Eyelash extension adhesive

The process

Step 1

Pour out a little bit of eyelash glue.

Step 2

Remove a cluster of lashes from the Ardell packaging using a tweezer. I like to start with a medium-length cluster.

Step 3

Dip the end of the cluster in a tiny bit of glue making sure to put the glue on top of the end of the cluster (because you’re sticking it underneath your real lashes.)

Try to put the glue on the tip of the cluster ON TOP. Instead of putting glue under the lashes put it on TOP. Did I write TOP enough?

Try to put the glue on the tip of the cluster ON TOP. Instead of putting glue under the lashes put it on TOP. Did I write TOP enough?

Step 4 (The big step)

Lift your eyelid a little exposing your lash line, and, using your tweezer, place the cluster as close to your lashline without touching your lashline. Stick it to your real lashes. BUT UNDERNEATH THEM.


Once it sticks, I use the tweezer to sort of tamp it into place.

Then I pick up the next cluster and continue across the lashes.

I start from the outer corner of my eyes and work my way in.

Pretty much repeat Step 4 until you are satisfied with the fullness and length of the extensions.


Be careful not to use too much glue on the clusters.

Be careful not to glue the cluster onto your lashline, like, your skin. Ideally, these should be stuck to the lashes.

Be careful with the tweezers because they are pointy!

Sometimes the fumes from the glue make my eyes water but it usually goes away within 15 minutes.


If you’ve got some reservations about this, then listen to your gut and sit this one out.

I decided to do this because I love the look of long lashes and I have tried to master the strip lash to no avail.

I am not exaggerating. Every 3 months I find myself in a “How to put on fake eyelashes” YouTube spiral and buy 18 pairs of lashes in an effort to master this literal SKILL and I fail. Every. Time. I’ve used strip lashes in the wild (i.e. worn outside of my house) twice.

Once on my wedding day and someone else did it for me. The second time I did it myself and I LOOKED like someone who didn’t know how to put on lashes. I outed myself!

But for some strange reason, this. THIS I can do.

The results

👁 on the Left has extensions. • 👁 on the Right does  not .

👁 on the Left has extensions. • 👁 on the Right does not.

This is right after I finished both eyes and my right eye was watering. Kewl. very Fashion and chic 😩 but also cool long, temporary eyelashes dude.

This is right after I finished both eyes and my right eye was watering. Kewl. very Fashion and chic 😩 but also cool long, temporary eyelashes dude.

To remove eyelash extensions:

You can use coconut oil or olive oil to loosen the glue. Honestly though, sometimes they just fall out. A lot. I leave them in until they look erratic and sparse.

They last about two weeks for me.

I usually use coconut oil and they come off easily. Then I go back to being a short-lashed slightly depressed woman with long lash aspirations.


I hope that was helpful for you, you gazelle.

I guess that we will never stop in our pursuits for fuller lashes and fatter asses and I look forward to the next at-home invention for me to try.

Let me know if you’ve given yourself lash extensions before and if you’ve got any tricks!

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