My favorite thrifters

Sammy Davis walked so all the thrifters on YouTube now could fly.

Do you guys remember Sammy Davis? She was one of the first YouTubers I watched who really embraced the thrifting life. I still follow her on Instagram but I don’t know if she still makes YouTube videos.

Thinking about Sammy got me to thinkin’ about all the Thrifters who have really shaped my perception of shopping at thrift stores. They removed the stigma of using second-hand clothes. They influenced my style choices. And I want to highlight my favorite thrifting goddesses.

First and absolutely foremost are Stephanie and Melissa Valenzuela of The Fashion Citizen.

I lusted for a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s because of them. My bank account eight years ago when I was in college strictly forbade such an expense so I never did buy a pair. (To be honest, I’m thinking of buying a pair now. I mean, Lita’s are a lewk.)

They were the first people, for me, who really removed the stigma of shopping secondhand. They had the most interesting closets and they each had distinct styles. I wanted their closets!!! (Wait. I still do.)

Before them, thrifting to me seemed a little shameful. I always think back to this scene in a movie that I don’t know the name of at all. I want to say it’s a Lifetime movie. In the scene, this girl finds like perfect homecoming dress but it has a huge ink stain on the bodice which her mother hides with a flower pin.

She goes to the dance and this rich snobby ho comes up to her and rips the flower and reveals the stain. She tells everyone around that was her dress that she donated. Then the girl in the ink dress cries and turns to a life of drugs. JK idk about the drugs.

But that obscure movie scene really shaped my perspective. I too was ashamed that something I could buy at the thrift store would be recognized by the previous owner.

Now I realize how ridiculous that sounds but that’s because I’m evolved now.

Thanks, in large part, to the women of The Fashion Citizen.

But I don’t even know why I was ashamed to be poor when I was literally poor???? HELLO! I could’ve saved myself the self-hate if I just didn’t care about what other people thought.

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 5.28.03 AM.png

The Fashion Citizen shared their thrifted finds on their channel. They embraced getting the most value for your dollar. Plus their videos and photos always had really original and inventive edits.

And they worked regular jobs like regular people! They’ve since stopped posting on YouTube and Instagram and while I wish they’d return, I also understand why they stopped.

Now unto more thrifters on YouTube.

She has a happy spirit which is the main reason I watch her videos. I also like that her content is strictly thrifting related videos, so I know I can always count on her for a thrift fix.

But to be honest, her personality is her whole appeal so I’d watch her channel if she made other non-thrift videos!

Carrie Dayton really does feel like your big sister online. Her body positive videos have definitely helped me change my perspective on the only body I have in this life.

I enjoy watching her thrift for midsize clothing. It’s a genius concept because so many of the thrifters on YouTube are smaller, more petite women and girls.

Like Alexa, I think Carrie is relatable and I find myself watching her other non-thrifting videos to hear her talk about the rats in her old apartment and other life happenings.

I also watch Jessica Neistadt, Leah’s Life, AllieXcX, Sarah Dunk, Rachelle Spier and Nrdy Grl.

You’re probably like, Damn bitch you watch a lot of YouTube.

And you’re right about that. I watch so much YouTube I made a podcast about it. LOL. Search Jasmine Watches YouTube on Apple Podcasts bb.

Are there any other thrifters I should be subbed to? Are you a thrifting YouTuber? TELL ME. FILL ME IN. I WANT TO KNOW. Send me your links bbs!

Until next time!