Thrifted pieces in the wild

Since I’ve pretty much rediscovered my love for thrifting, I’ve worn an item from a thrift store every day. Most days I have full outfits that are second hand clothing.

Some days I even manage to get photos of them.

These are thems: Items I’ve thrifted and worn out in the wild in my everyday life.


I wore this while running errands. The top is a vintage cropped polo top. It is in perfect condition and makes my boobs look

fucking massive

which in my small-tittied world ticks all the boxes. ✅ It’s a stretchy top so sometimes I feel like I’m being squeezed into a sausage casing but that’s the price I pay for an instant breast augmentation so 👌🏾.

The shorts are also vintage. They fit so well. I folded the hem up to make them shorter and sewed it down. I wear these ALL the time. I love the silhouette.

Jacket is a forever 21 🥴 but I bought it over a year ago!


This is a vintage Guess button down shirt I bought for $1 at the flea market. I find myself really gravitating to neutrals with some interesting pattern or cut. I paired this with a pencil skirt and called it a work appropriate outfit. Lmao.


There are those shorts again!!! I told you I wear these bbs all the time on the weekends.

Anyway bitch I wore this also to run errands last weekend I thought it was a LOOK but now I’m like Girl, is it?🥴

Doesnt matter now because at the time I WAS ALL FOR IT.

Everything but the boots are thrifted pieces. Headband, fuzzy black socks, high neck crop top, shorts, belt and coverup. I’ve been really obsessed with these types of high neck tops. I want to sew my own. I just think the shoulder exposure is so sexy but the shirt itself is casual.

Like: I’m gonna pick up some plant milk but also look at my shoulder meat. But also, I’m married.

The coverup/kimono thing is so so pretty. It’s sheer and velvet. In retrospect I think it’d do better on my body with something more fitted, like a sausage casing dress, but that’s the fun thing about fashion!

You can try again!

And don’t let anyone tell you something doesn’t look good if you like it!

Obviously I did on this day, lmao.

You couldn’t tell me this wasn’t cute. NO Ma’am. I was dead set on wearing this! 😂

Anyway folksies, I’m off to smash more outfits together and call it fAsHiOn.

I’ll write again super soon!



Jasmine Ad Nauseam