Vintage leisure power suit oh my!


I love this jumpsuit. It’s made with such detail!

This is partly why I love thrifting. I enjoy discovering pieces like this one which were made with the kind of details that you don’t usually find in modern clothing.


This lil baby I found at a rummage sale. Purchased for 0.17. YEAH.


I couldn’t leave it behind. I also thought it was too small. So I bought it with the intention that maybe I would pass it on to someone who could fit it.

But I took the risk of potentially shredding it in half and tried it on.

This has got some sort of sisterhood of the traveling pants ass magic✨ or something because


I was initially drawn to the pattern. So funky, so 80s!

I was initially drawn to the pattern. So funky, so 80s!

I had these on with sneakers for a casual vibe. But this easily translates into office wear with some pumps.

hello? A look.

Some stilettos, maybe with some big studs?

The only bad thing is I found two small holes in the leg. Truly it’s not noticeable and I’ve already patched them up.

I did wear these to work with a denim jacket and I literally looked like I was wearing pajamas 😬

So you have to be careful with styling it, because it could go from chic to sleepwear really quick.

Bonus jonas: It is a really comfortable.

So it might actually be sleepwear. Hahaha.

I love love LOVE the buttons and I am IN LOVE with the ruching, paneling on the shoulders. I left the shoulder pads in to give it some structure. And I honestly like shoulder pads. I don’t have very broad shoulders so I have always liked that look.

Maybe I look ridic. But to me, I’ve felt it balanced out my thicc boi thighs.



Up close on this ruching

Up close on this ruching


Have you seen anything like this? I’m truly in love 😍

Share your favorite jumpsuit, or shoulder pads finds with me!

Until next time sweet bbs! Thrift on!



PS I know I’ve been trying not to buy anything new but! I recently purchased some nonprescription glasses even though I actually have 20/400 vision and desperately need spectacles to live. I know, I know it doesn’t make sense but that’s the best part of life. The glasses I’m wearing in the pictures above are nonprescription.

Soooooo anyway if you’re interested in these frames you can get them on Amazon. Here’s an affiliate link which means if you click and buy I’ll get a small commission. YOU DON’T HAVE TO USE THIS LINK. If you want, you can google it and use a regular amazon link. It’s no big dealio. Thanks bb.

These are the glasses.


Ok, thank you!!!!! Bye for real for now.