Thrift trip | Vintage co-ord two-piece sets




Thrift Gods.

I have done it. For literally $10 I managed to find the best vintage and trendy pieces I’ve ever found.

I think I actually will rework this blog to become a thrifting blog because


Also my husband is so tired of listening to me gush about thrifted clothes so I have no one else really to relish in this with.

So why not convert this little slice of the internet pie for some good, old-FASHIONED thrift worship?

I’ve already written too much. Here’s what I found!!!!!

I also got two vneck shirts that have those long slits on one side that were cool and now aren’t but I still like them. Plus a sweater and a striped gray and white basic crew neck.

So I went to a monthly fill-a-bag rummage sale with my friend at 6 am. There are two sizes of trash bags to fill. Fill the smaller bag for $7. Literally ANYTHING you can fit in it. Or you can fill the other bigger trash bag for $10.

In addition to the absolute perfect condition (aside from moldy smell that went away with some vinegar added to the wash) of the clothing items, I also put a Mindtrap board game in my $7 bag. I paid with a $10 bill and gave the change as a donation. I figured it’s a literal small price to pay to help out the organization helping out others.

So! armed with an empty $7 10-gallon trash bag, I dove right into piles, checking jeans first of course. Then I told myself, listen bitch, you have too many jeans and only two pairs of legs. Look for the gooooood stuff.

I moved on to the other tables and wasn’t disappointed.

My favorite finds in this batch?

The vintage two-piece blazer and pant sets.

The blazers and bottoms were on separate tables. I initially pulled the blazers and figured I could make those work for work. Then, maybe 20 minutes later as I was winding down, I was sifting through a pile of bottoms. I wasn’t even really paying attention at this point.

But buried under the jeans was a green printed something that looked like it matched the green blazer.

Instantly, my thrifty sense tingled.

So I dug it up and I pulled it out….and I was surprised to find it was the exact color match and it was the same brand as the blazer. AND it was the same size! My heart burst ✨when I realized it was a part of a set.

Then, in the same pile of bottoms, I found the bottoms for the polka dot blazer and nearly fell through the floor. Both were in perfect condition.

And both bottoms fit me!

I tapered the pant leg here 😆

I tapered the pant leg here 😆

And cut the bottoms on these into shorts.

And cut the bottoms on these into shorts.

I’ve seen so many blazer co-ord sets on sale on fast fashion websites so to find TWO sets that fit me was absolutely awesome.

They did have a bit of a matronly fit but I fixed that easily by tapering the legs of the green set and making the polka dot slacks into shorts.

If you find similar blazer and pant sets but don’t know quite how you’d wear them, don’t be shy and pick them up.

You can always taper the leg or cut the pants into shorts (like I did) to make it more modern.


ahhhh. I’m seriously obsessed with this haul. I’ll be back next week with a new one. Yes. (I know.) Listen, I honestly forgot how much I love fashion and clothing! And I love thrifting guys. If you love it too then I know I don’t have to explain my obsession. We get each other.