How I find mom jeans at the thrift store

Letting out a fart here. v model bro. so vogue. cOoL pOsE.

Letting out a fart here. v model bro. so vogue. cOoL pOsE.


I almost feel like a fraud because I haven’t turned this blog into a thrift blog (there’s still time for that, don’t you worry) and as much as I love thrift stores and scoring those magical ✨finds✨ I haven’t posted not a thing on this blog of mine about thrifting.

Mainly because it’s been years since I’ve seriously thrifted.

If you’re like me and pear-shaped and 🌊cUrvY🌊then finding mom jeans is a bit of a journey.

Scroll down to read my tips And what I’m searching for when hunting for mom jeans at thrift stores!

Recently, I have been watching a lot of thrifting videos on YouTube. I feel like everything on my blog starts with “So I was inspired by so and so on YouTube” and— whatever. It’s the truth.


Anyway, a bitch was watching YouTube thrifting videos and getting


So, I went on a thrifting bender!

In particular, I blame Alexa Sunshine 83 and Carrie Dayton and Jessica Neistadt for this particular binge.

All of the DENIM in their videos truly made my heart swell with LUST and I couldn’t help myself.

But! I also knew it’d be wasteful to buy items just to buy them if I never was going to wear them so when I went to the thrift stores, I tried to remember a few things:

1.) Could I find this overpriced on Urban Outfitters? (because ~aEsTheTiCs~)

2.) Would I actually wear it?


4.) Do I want this to have this or do I want this to wear this?

And then off I went. …….!

I found my first pair of mom jeans after third trip to a thrift store on island. They are quintessential mom jeans dawg. Light wash Levi’s 550s.


These jeans, sis. Let me tell you. They are men’s jeans. Perfect fit and PERFECT LENGTH. AND they are like worn and comfortable. I honestly think they were made for me, only. It’s unbelievable like how absolutely perfect they are for me.

And. They. Cost. TWO. DOLLARS.


Part of the reason I wanted to thrift more was because I wanted more grunge-esque, casual pieces in my wardrobe because basically all my clothes are for work and they aren’t very fun.

The other reason was that I believed with my whole heart that I could find my perfect high-waisted black denim shorts and I just refuse to give up on my dreams. So.

Anyway, I’ve since picked up three more pairs of mom jeans and another pair of black Levi’s. They all need tailoring because they are all men’s jeans and don’t fit my waist + they’re too long.

But don’t worry I’ll have a post soon about how I tailor those jeans. And all four of those jeans cost a total of $27. 👀😱

So so so so so here’s what I look for and what I avoid when thrifting for mom jeans

  • Men’s jeans

    • I always look at the men’s jeans first. I haven’t had any luck with women’s jeans yet. Most of the women’s jeans for my size fit too snug. So I’m looking for a looser fit you know, that mom jean aesthetic.

  • Size 34 or 36

    • For your reference I am a size 8 petite and have been known to squeeze my thighs into size 30 jeans from forever 21. So in a men’s size I look for a 34 or 36 waist. I bought at 38 waist and it ended up being too big for me but! I took in the waist and it looks better.

    • It’s really best to try them on though because sizes and size numbers can vary brand to brand.

  • Long Zipper

    • I almost never try the jeans on so far at the thrift stores in Guam. So I usually will look for a long zipper or a low crotch area and hold it up to my crotch (lol). If the waistband hits above my belly button I can bet it’ll be high-waisted. Just because the crotch is low hanging though doesn’t always mean it’ll be high waisted, sometimes it ends up being mid rise because you’ve got to fit your bum in there! But it’s best to try it on just to be sure.

  • No straight fits

    • No straight legs for this pear-shaped mama!! That means 505 and 501 and 511 are not my jam. I now know to look for Levi’s 550 and other jeans that leave some room for my thighs.

      Look at these pair below. These are Wranglers. The waist doesn’t go straight down. If you can’t try the jeans on then at least lay them out and if the jean sort of curves away from waist then that is a good sign. At least if you also have some curve to your body, like me.

  • Tapered leg

    • I look for that tapered leg too. I think really that adds to the mom jean vibe. Like not a skinny jean but a tapered leg to show of your dope ankles right? But I’m also convinced I can tailor that myself (though I haven’t tried yet).

The rest is really up to you! Find your perfect denim wash. You can distress them if you want.

The waist can always be taken in as can the inseam. This weekend I’m going to tailor a few ill-fitting pairs to make them mom-ier (?).

Anyway, after hitting the thrift stores last week and the flea market, I ended up getting a bunch of clothing and found I needed to purge my closet. So, I also am selling some stuff from my closet on Poshmark. (Check it if you’re interested)

I think I’ll be thrifting regularly now. In addition to the prices, I’m really drawn to thrifting for the hunt.

My frugal heart is absolutely singing.

Expect to see more thrifted finds on this blog. I’m still searching for the perfect black mom jeans and highwaisted black denim shorts AND MORE DENIM JACKETS. DENIM.


If you like thrifting, please, please, please send me your blog or IG. I love seeing what people find. And tell me who are some of your favorite Thrifting YouTubers and let’s fuel my addiction together!