Review: I ordered from

I’ve already talked about how much I adore Pretty Pastel Please, aka Alex, on YouTube so of course I’ve seen her hauls from Yes Style.

One video of hers featured these sick brown plaid pants that were way cute.

It sparked joy. And I didn’t even own them!

So I thought I’d take a peek and poke around Yes Style, to see what I could see, as they say.

I ended up ordering a few things and thought I’d share my experience with ordering (ugh), shipping (ugh) and the clothing (eeeep!).

Also, sorry I haven’t been posting! I had an infection and felt like junk so I slowed down but after a round of antibiotics I’m feeling so much better!

Anyway I ordered:

  1. Plaid Shirt [Plaid - Black - One Size]$17.96

  2. One-Button Check Blazer [Brown - One Size]$29.90

  3. Roman Numeral Strap Watch [Coffee Strap - One Size]$2.98

  4. Roman Numeral Strap Watch [Black Strap Black Dial - One Size]$2.98

  5. Cross Back Camisole Top [Coffee - One Size]$8.46

  6. Strappy Back Bra Top [Black - One Size]$7.12

A lot of their items are one-size and it is an Asian company so they tend to run smaller than Western sizes.

I have no problems with that because I am short, albeit rotund, so I felt comfortable with the sizing especially because I bought tops. Now if I were to get bottoms, I think I’d be more disappointed.


The ordering process

….was a bit of a pain. I tried to order several times but because I linked my PayPal to my card instead of my bank account or something the order didn’t go through.

I tried to checkout like 15 times. I KID YOU NOT.

When I googled and found it could be the PayPal account linking and finally ordered I was relieved. But then! The shipping had some problems like because of my location at home I couldn’t find the Guam option to set my shipping address? I was miffed. Clearly they had cookies on and knew I was in Guam?

The order finally went through when I was at work and ✨magically✨ the option to ship my order to Guam (where I live and would like to wear these things) was available. Yeah. Head-scratching stuff.

But bitch, at this point I’m balls deep in this ish. I’m now ordering these items on principle, like I will OVERCOME.👊🏾

So my part is done, they take my money and I’m just chilling.

Because I live in the middle of the Pacific, I am always interested in shipping times. So far, Romwe and Zaful and Amazon have been proven to me to be very fast with their deliveries, considering the expanse of ocean and land that have to be conquered to get items to me. is pretty good. Only one item I ordered out of 6 took about a month to arrive.

As for YESSTYLE, they took a month. 👎🏾

First for each item there’s an estimated shipping date. So if you order five things and one of them has an estimated shipping date a week out from your order date then that’s about the time they ship all of your items.


But that might not matter if as long as it takes a few days to get to your doorstep.




It was headed in the right direction, west, but then was redirected to Chicago and then a month later it made it to Guam. It was quite the journey.

The clothes

Through all of that, I’d say, the clothes are 9/10.

The blazer was adorable as was the oversized black plaid shirt.

For big boobed women, I’d stay away from the crop tops because while they are cute, the ones I ordered only mostly cover my boobs. I can’t imagine they’d cover anything bigger than a B-cup. And there’s zero support in them.

The watches are cute and they work and they fit around my wrists which is fun and fresh and functional so hell yes to that.

Bottom line

Would I order from them again? Probably not. I didn’t have a good buying experience and I think some of their things are overpriced.

So. That’s where we are folks.

No affiliate links in this post but if you’re looking for a Yesstyle coupon code try this : MX5LNZ.

Every customer gets one but keep in mind I got that in April, so I’m not sure if it works?

Anyway darlings, I hope that was helpful to you! Please let me know if you’ve ordered from Yes Style and what you purchased. They have such a large selection of items and I want to know what other cute things people found 😍.