Things that kept me from ending it all | March 2019 favorites

It’s the end of March, my loves!

I’ve decided to do a round-up of a few of my favorite things from this month.

The title of this post is pure joke. I don’t mean to trigger anyone, truly. I don’t mean to mock. I only aim bring the dramatic flair of Twitter jest to the blogosphere. BUT! I realize that it could be triggering. So, before I continue, I want you to know that I definitely DO NOT want you to end it all.

Be nice to yourself. Give yourself time to be.

Which brings me to my first favorite this month:


Many blessings to the folks who felt the need to tweet about boundaries and remind us cynics on Twitter that we are not our jobs and that it is OH-FUCKING-KAY to take a fucking break.

More of those tweets found their way onto my timeline as of late, and I have to say they were a welcome reminder.

I needed to read it. And it pushed me to put up some boundaries.

What a marvelous thing to decide that you will not worry, will not be stressed and to refocus your energy on the things that actually energize you.

This month, those things that energized me: my loved ones, my friends and this blog.

I made big moves this month to do more of what I liked to do.

Next favorite:

This Urban Outfitters-esque picture frame that I made.

It’s the coolest I’ve ever created.

If you’re like me and want the UO aEsTheTiC but don’t have that UO bUdGeT then hop on it bb. $18 to save a life.

It can also be a fucking rad whiteboard. Owww. It’s cute even thinking about it as a whiteboard.


This month’s fashion fave comes to me in the form of these grid turtleneck sweaters.


I love them.


They’re so cute for work and keep me warm in the freezer that is our office and THEY WERE LIKE $18 EACH.



They’re soft and like, boring but also a bit exciting because it’s a pattern. I realize the grid pattern isn’t FASHUN anymore but guess what, I think it is. I love looking like an excel sheet magnified.

Finally, my last fave for March 2019 is a recipe!

I’ve been eating keto for the past year and recently came across this no-bake granola recipe. I replaced the pumpkin seeds with sunflower seeds and I’m so fucking happy with it.

They taste so good. The best part is they are easy to make. Also they’re good if you’re NOT on keto.

I miss eating cereal and Doritos and crunchy things so this granola recipe really HIT. ALL. THE. NOTES.

As Paul Hollywood would say: it slaps.

LOL JK. Paul Hollywood would say this recipe ticks all the boxes. Well, done. *extends hand for a handshake*

Anyway sweet baby, that’s all I have for you.

Come back Wednesday when I’ll share with you what my first Zaful order was like.

The only other thing I knew about Zaful before I put in that order was that Tana Mongeau bought 8,000 bikinis from them for a sponsored haul on YouTube circa 2017 and I still vividly remember her unboxing those items in a hotel room, hungover.

(To clarify, she was hungover. I was not.)

Spoiler! I have a very different experience/life than Tana. For one, I had to buy the Zaful products myself.


So bookmark this bitch and come back Wednesday. LOVE YOU.

**Note: this post contains affiliate links which means I’ll get a small commish if you click through and buy. The links don’t keep me from spreading my truth bb. I’ll always be honest with u.*