Romwe shoes : a review of almost exactly what you'd expect

They say curiosity killed the cat.

And they might be right, so it’s a good thing I’m not a cat.


I previously made my first order from Romwe last year and I was pleasantly surprised. (Check out that post for the deets.)

I continued to scroll through the app and found they also sold shoes. Believe me, I was BIG curious about what kind of shoes I’d get from Romwe and my BIG curiosity did what it does and ordered four pairs of shoes from the website.

Here’s what I got:

They were all under $20 except for a pair of boots which were $44 . I KNOW. If I wanted to drop $40 on boots I could do that elsewhere but I was curious, as I’ve already said.

The boots are clearly Doc Marten knock-offs. I don’t mean to buy it to offend Dr. Marten Purists but I wasn’t going to spend over a hun$ky on Docs if I wasn’t sure that I was the kind of bitch who could successfully make a hefty boot delicate and fAsHiOn.


So I thought these Romwe knock offs were a safe way to test the Doc Marten waters. And a month later, I’ve worn them twice and I’m still on the fence so I’m glad that I didn’t invest. Also I’m just a poor boy from a poor family so…..

Here’s the tea, sis:

The white flats had gold embellishments on the heel. It turned out not to be actual hardware as it appeared to be in the photo online. It was actually a sticker that I peeled off.

And it stayed sticky so…


The brown flats have almost no cushioning inside so if you have bad knees just remember that. Otherwise it’s MAD CUTE and the sturdiest of all the shoes I picked.

The boots turned out to be just what I expected. Rubber boots. Very cute though. The first day I wore them, I found myself stomping around some puddles and they worked out perfectly for me.

The suede heels are flimsy but cute. If you’re not doing anything particularly taxing, they’ll do their job and pull an outfit together. But the ankle straps aren’t buckles like the product pics imply, they are some strange hook-on situation.


Anyway, other than the boots, I actually reach for and wear the other shoes every week to work even though they ARE SO OBVIOUSLY CH3AP.

Listen. I’m not the woman to look to if you’re trying to look $$$expensive$$$.

A glance at me will tell exactly what you need to know: She works in an industry that overworks and underpays. That’s a bit of my aesthetic.

But the shoes are cute and they’re holding up nicely so far and they’ll probably last as long as other shoes I have purchased before so for that I’ll give them a 10/10.

If you cannot stand cheap shoes then I’d say go ahead mama and skip Romwe for your footwear needs.


If you’re a budget bitch like me and maybe are willing to risk your life everyday tiptoe-ing around in shoes that could fall apart at a moment’s notice because the material isn’t exactly um STURDY then yes for sure I recommend Romwe shoes for you, girl. You are my people, my tribe, welcome.

Wearing these shoes is almost an adventure. Like, will they hold up? Is this the day that I wear the neon blue tennis shoes I keep in my car for emergencies that never match any of my outfits because my Romwe shoes finally give up? That’s the kind of excitement you’re in for if you buy these shoes. That’s the kind of life I live. That’s the kind of life I’ve built for myself.


Anyway, thanks for reading! If you have any questions about the Romwe footwear that I purchased feel free to send me a message or comment below.




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