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Introducing a new, uh, thing I’m doing here! LOL. I guess the appropriate word is segment.

A couple weeks ago, I finally gave in and scrolled through If you’re unfamiliar, Wish is a site that sells almost everything. I think all the items are from vendors in China. But it’s like the wild west of online retail. It’s like a flea market for everything.

As expected, I saw everything on sale from tripods to stationary to clothing. I saw CBD products on sale and for some strange reason, no matter what I search, Wish insists on peppering in a dildo or other sex toy in the results.

Yeah. Dildos. I searched for “microphone for phone” and I got a result for a dildo. I mean….I guess it could be a microphone? Like do I hook it up through bluetooth?


It’s really tough to accurately describe what it’s like perusing Wish so you’ll probably, at some point in your life, end up there and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

I actually decided to take an active look at after watching Pretty Pastel Please on YouTube. I find her accent and her bird very watchable. And she had one video where she made a Nutella heart dessert and said that you can pretty much find anything on Wish.

That really stuck with me.

A couple days after that, I saw this really cute turtleneck on It was selling for $40 and I really couldn’t justify buying one turtleneck for $40 no matter how cute it was. THEN Pretty Pastel Please’s voice cut through my thoughts like she cut through her Nutella heart cake:

You can find anything on Wish.

Now, I don’t know how I did it. But.

I did it.

Because searching “grid sweater” and “grid turtleneck” does NOT show you these sweaters on And maybe the Internet Algorithm Gods were on my side that day. And maybe the Google AI robots showed me some mercy.

But yes. I found that Chichwish sweater on

All of that to say WELCOME to a new segment on this blog that I’m calling:

Found That On Wish (FTOW)

Not to be confused with NSFW or FTW or other internet acronyms that the youths have already stopped saying because old millenials like me have typed them too much for it to be cool or happenin’.

I’ve already seen a lot of things, fashion/beauty and home decor things, on that are similar to items from other websites.

So, every now and then here, when I see them I’ll share them with you all.

First up on FTOW:

Chicwish grid turtleneck

retails for $40


Cute. But then I saw this: grid turtleneck

retails for $12

The sweater from ! Same aesthetic but different color.

The sweater from! Same aesthetic but different color.

Even though I prefer the Chicwish color and shape, I think that essentially this sweater from Wish fulfills my desires without depleting my bank account.

me and my muffin top are just happy to be here I guess?

me and my muffin top are just happy to be here I guess?

I will fully disclose to you that even though I couldn’t bRiNg mYsElF to pay $40 for one turtleneck, I bought two different colors of this sweater on Wish and it cost $36 (NEARLY $40 folks!!!!!!) for both including shipping.

This one is gray! 😭❤️

This one is gray! 😭❤️

The capitalism gods are screaming, “YAS QUEEN A SALE QUEEN A $4 SAVINGS QUEEN.”

The spirit of my mother, a true budget matriarch meanwhile, is saying, “Bish, you could’ve saved all $36 if you just didn’t buy that at all and embraced the minimalist lifestyle like those guys on that Netflix documentary.”


The capitalism gods won me over this time. The sweaters are TOO CUTE not to pass up. (Minimalists are cringing. I KNOW. I’ll try to do better.)

I bought a small and medium on Wish, because the Chicwish one looks like a boxier fit.

Both Wish sweaters are pretty snug. They do not fit boxy. The gray is a small and the camel colored one is a medium.

BIG NOTE: The sleeve length on the Wish sweaters are perfect for me. I usually fit petite sized tops. So, keep that in mind if you are considering this because if sleeves for western-sized clothes fit you well, these might fit like a 3/4 sleeve instead of a full sleeve on you.

I was very surprised that the sweaters were thick (thicc) and soft. It felt, as Pretty Pastel Please is wont to say, well-made.

That’s it. Thank you for reading my TedTalk. Jkjkjk.

But yeah actually, that’s it.

See you on Sunday when I’ll have a DIY-related post and next week Wednesday when I’ll have another Frugal Fashion post.

Have you every bought anything from Wish? Was it this sweater? Tell me in the comments.




I still love the look of this turtleneck! So cute!

Note: This post contains affiliate links which means I earn a small commission if you click and purchase through the links. I bought the Wish sweaters with my own dinero and affiliate links don’t influence my opinions any which way on the products I mention above. Thanks, bb!