DIY this Anthropologie Glitter Knot home decor

What a cute lil’ thing she is!


Anyway here’s what you’ll need:

  • 3/8 inch vinyl PVC clear tube, I got mine from Home Depot (About 3 feet is needed for one knot)

  • Scissors

  • E6000 glue (like this)*

  • A toothpick

  • ~12 inches of wire, also got this from Home Depot for another DIY project that failed

  • Gold glitter

  • Optional clear cabinet bumpers 3/8 inch, which I also got this at Home Depot

  • Glue gun and glue stick

Step one

Cut about 2-3 feet of tubing. It doesn’t have to be exact.

Step two

Knot the tubing until you like the way it looks. Try looping the ends through the middle, aiming for a more round shape. 

Continue to loop until you are satisfied with your knot. I’ve found that making two knots on either side and putting one inside the other helps.

two knots.2019-03-17 09_35_26.gif

Optional: if you’re satisfied with the shape but the ends are a bit too long you can chop them off. 

Each knot will be different in my experience so it depends on what knot shape you are content with. 

Step three 

Use a wire to hold your knot in shape. It doesn’t have to be a perfect. You can continue shaping with the wire in place. 

Wire wrap.2019-03-17 09_42_42.gif

Step four

When you’re satisfied with the knottiness of it all, use E6000 glue and a toothpick to bind parts of the tube together. A small drop of glue should be enough to bind.

glue between.2019-03-17 09_45_43.gif

My strategy was to find the areas where one part of the tube touched another part of the tube and gently lifted them apart and put the glue between them.

Glue all the places that the tube overlaps so it’ll keep its knot shape.

Step five 

Leave the glue to dry overnight.

(While it’s wrapped in the wire.)

Step six 

Unwrap the wire. The tubing should’ve held its shape.

Step seven 

If you have a funnel you can funnel glitter, as much or as little as you prefer, into the tubing through the open ends.

If you don’t have a funnel, like me, you can use your fingers to drop the glitter in the tube. 

Do it a little at a time until you get a nice spread of glitter throughout.

glitter fill.2019-03-17 09_48_19.gif

I put down a paper because I didn’t want too much glitter to get on the table. Otherwise the paper serves no other purpose. 

Tap the tubing and rotate it so that the glitter is dispersed relatively evenly inside.

Tap to disperse.2019-03-17 09_50_48.gif

I found if there are a lot of bends in your tube you might want  add glitter to both ends of the tube.

Step eight

Once satisfied with the glitter disbursement, you can use a glue gun to fill the open ends and add more glitter to finish it off.

No cabinet bumpers on these.

No cabinet bumpers on these.

Otherwise, if you opted to buy the clear cabinet bumpers, then you can use the glue gun to attach the bumpers to the ends of the tube.

three knots! The one in the front has the cabinet bumper “caps” on the ends and the one on the right has no bumper just a glitter and glue “cap.”

three knots! The one in the front has the cabinet bumper “caps” on the ends and the one on the right has no bumper just a glitter and glue “cap.”

And you’re done! 


Optional Step Nine

Feel accomplished and show it to your husband who will compliment you because he’s your A1 since Day 1 even though he has no idea wth he’s looking at. 

It’s pretty simple as far as DIYs go.

Which is generally how I like DIYs to be. I don’t have a woodworking shop or even a drill (yet) so I like DIYs that are simple like this.

You’re probably wondering why someone would want SOMETHING like this? 

I mean…. I wondered that too. But I bet people do want it and they also think spending upwards of $22 is unreasonable. But Anthropologie clearly has a team of folks on their marketing research team who decided this glitter knot home decor product was valuable enough to upsell to thousands of people so let’s go with whatever logic they’re going with. 


I am not the biggest fan of glitter but I think it’s quite cute.

And you can use different colored glitter, chunky glitter or even a mix of colors and chunk.

If you do make this, please send me a photo! 

You can make any number of knots because there’ll be a lot of tubing left. Or you could buy less tubing? Oh I just thought: what if someone made a giant one????

For the price that Anthro is selling these you can probably make 8 of these at a quarter of the cost if you get the bumpers, even with the cost of the wire and 20-feet of tube.

You’ve just got to dedicate some time and elbow grease. Also, if you already have the glitter and glue gun and E6000 in your craft arsenal then the cost is still significantly less.

I live in Guam and where these things, craft things, are sometimes more expensive. So, if I’m able do this for less than what the Anthro item costs, then I’m sure price-savvy DIYers in the mainland can do this for much less.

I don’t always like DIYs that end up costing a person more time and money.

I once made a copper ladder that I saw for sale on Urban Outfitters for $80 or something. It ended up costing me like over $100 to make and multiple trips to two different hardware stores. 😓

So I’ll try DIYs that will work out to be less than the price of something similar in stores. 

If you have any ideas, send them my way.

Thanks so much for reading! 

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