I got a digital perm

…and I love it!

I really haven’t ever done much to my hair other then use tools to fry it into being straight or curly. The last time any chemicals were put on my hair was in fourth grade. My siblings and cousins had some leftover red hair dye and I thought I would be cool like them and let them dye my hair.

(It ended up looking mostly the same but in certain lights you could make out the faint tinge of red.)

Anyway, last July, as I’m wont to do, I was hEaViLy iNfLueNcEd by a YouTube video of this girl talking about how she never knew her hair was curly, in part, because she largely used shampoo and conditioners with sulfates and silicone.

She talked about going “no-poo.” So I tried it.

I used baking soda mixed with water as my shampoo and apple cider vinegar with water as my conditioner for about two weeks before my order of Shea Moisture sulfate- and silicone-free shampoo and conditioner arrived in the mail.

Full disclosure: my hair felt gross as fuck.



But I liked the volume the baking soda gave and I figured my hair was going through a transition time so I just kept using the Shea Moisture shampoo and ACV to clarify.

(Curly Penny on YouTube is a national curly hair treasure. Watch her videos for more on no-poo and treating your curly hair right.)

Finally in December, after no progress with my hair looking any more curly, (side note: I saw massive improvements in my skin after ditching sulfate and silicone) I decided to just burn my hair into submission.

So I got a digital perm!

Here’s my hair before

Before no-poo. I considered this a good hair day.

Before no-poo. I considered this a good hair day.

I did my obligatory Googles.

Basically at the salon they’ll use a machine and heat and rollers and a perm solution to reconfigure your hair structure so it holds the shape of whatever curler they use.

Some salons offer a softer curl like it’s almost a wave just at the ends of your hair. Lot of Asian hair salons do digital perms.

If you’re looking for more photo examples, I recommend searching Instagram for #digitalperm.

I don’t know what kind of salon selection you have in your part of the world, but in Guam there was only one hair salon that advertised digital perms and they did curls throughout, none of the newer digital perm techniques.


  • Lasts long (up to a year I think don’t quote me bitch I’m not an expert I’m just a costumer.)

  • Tousled effect

  • Easy to style

  • Shine

  • VOLUME 🌪


  • Expect to give up a couple hours of your time

  • Money, but who cares I wasted more time and money on products that didn’t do much so 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • idk nothing?????? I love mine!

Anyway, I love it.

It’s easy and exactly the style I never achieved with years of burning my strands with curling wands.

I’ve finally got volume and shine.

I also live in humid climate and my hair no longer frizzes as much as it did before.

I use curly hair friendly products which the perm seems to like.

When my scalp gets greasy I put some baking soda in it and it works just like dry shampoo and rejuvenates and lifts. I wash my hair now maybe once a week.

If you’re considering a digital perm, I say, do your Googles and ask your stylist about it.

I didn’t ask the woman who did my hair anything because I mostly avoid confrontation unless I’m getting paid for it. So I just set up an appointment and told the lady to have at it.

I will be returning to her for a touch up, whenever that is. I’ve had it now for two and a half months and it’s been such a delight since.

It was perfect vacation hair. It lost some curl because I used sulfate-based shampoo that was provided in our state room and hotel rooms but truly it wasn’t noticeable.

I have to say, my digital perm experience was totally worth it.

Now for some photos.

This is how it looked, air dried, a little bit of Mop Top hair custard for definition, about three weeks after the perm:


Here’s how it looked immediately after I left the salon:

lol my face

lol my face


This is about two months after the perm:


And here’s what my hair looked like before no-poo, before the perm on what I’d call a good hair day (which happened 6 times a year)


This is post-perm, after taking a dip in the pool. I think this better shows the shape of the strands.

Guess where?

Guess where?

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