She reads! The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena


Fake laugh but REAL ENJOYMENT from this book

Fake laugh but REAL ENJOYMENT from this book


I made it my personal mission this year to read more books with the fervent hope that it improves my brain and the impossible dream that all the books I buy are tax deductible.

I call that a dream because idk taxes. halp.


I finished Whiskey Tango Foxtrot by David Shafer f i n a l l y last month mostly because I took it with me on our southeast Asia cruise and I finally had time to devote to reading it. I bought it in 2016.

(TBH the ending was a little disappointing and all the action happens in the end. what did you think of it. ?)

Alsooooo in February I finished Akata Witch WHICH IS SO GOOD.

After taking 3 weeks to get through Akata Witch (Not because it was a bad story only because my full time job really impeded my ability to do anything else) I intended to read The Couple Next Door over the next few weeks.

CUE ME: A SURPRISED BITCH when I found myself physically unable to put the book down!

I was like “Oh shit oh shit oh shit OH SHIT ohshitohshitohshitohshit” furiously turning pages and audibly gasping at almost every chapter of the book. Which for all you literate folks means, I was oN tHe EdGe oF mY sEAt.

Lapena does a FINE job of crafting twists and turns.

I really quite appreciated her quick pacing in this story. Using perspectives from the analytical detective to distraught mother and the father to tell the story really had me on a roller coaster folks.


It was also her debut novel, from my understanding, DON’T SHOOT CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG.

So I don’t want to give anything away but I will tell you that it starts with a dinner party and the main characters come home to find their baby MISSING. LITERALLY GONE.

The story feels like Gone Girl and The Girl On The Train but I almost hate myself for making that comparison because they are totally different novels. But I suspect if you read The Girl On The Train you’d enjoy this one too. You’ve probably already read it, what am I trying to tell you about this for.

Anyway I think I just found a new fave author.

Who wants to be part of my new book club: Regular Bitches Read? (working title we can tweak it) We read one book a month because of full time taxing jobs and because we have other hobbies and because we are too busy looking up impossible keto and allergy friendly recipes for our Instant Pot?


AnYwAy: I say


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