I sailed on the Voyager of the Seas! A 7-day cruise ⛴

Before we booked our cruise, I don’t think I ever even seriously considered going on one. It seemed like something only rich, white people did.

Last year, while holed up in the Hilton my husband and decided we would go on a cruise* for our honeymoon. After seeing that the Royal Caribbean ship had a Flow Rider and a rock-climbing wall and an ice skating rink, I was sold.

Fast forward 12 months and go back two time zones. We finally, on Jan. 7, after a literal y e a r of anticipation, stepped on our ship.

Bottom line: We had an amazing time. It was so relaxing and there’s something enchanting about being surrounded by water that I personally love.

I 100-percent recommend this cruise.💯

This was our first cruise and everything went so smoothly. I feel like I owe the Royal Caribbean crew so much, even those crew members we never saw because I know it takes so much effort and work for all those moving parts on a ship to run (seemingly to me) without a hitch. And maybe there were hitches that I didn’t see because I had my vacation goggles on and I was looking through the uncritical, soft focus lens of being on holiday.

(Also, I’m not that bitch to be nitpicking about shit. I’m an islander and come from a line of people who’ve been colonized so a survival trait that’s been passed through my DNA is not getting my panties in a bunch about something small and also trying to overthrow the authorities.)

Now, some specifics that I wanted to include in this post.


10/10 would recommend.

I have been following a keto life for 11 months before we sailed. I specifically tried keto with the intention of getting all my carbs on when we go on the cruise but! I decided I’d try to eat as keto as possible on the cruise, just because I didn’t want to undo months of progress.

I tried to take a photo of all the things I ate. I want to put that in a separate post.

The face of a woman who’s just had a Long Pirate Iced Tea an ordered an iced coffee after a poolside nap.

The face of a woman who’s just had a Long Pirate Iced Tea an ordered an iced coffee after a poolside nap.

Anyway, we basically only ate the illustrious Windjammer Cafe, which is the buffet style eatery on board.

We purchased a dining package for the first night at the specialty restaurant, Chops Grille. Other than that first dinner, however, we went with WJ, all day.

Now, my husband has several allergies and the first thing we did was notify the head waiter about it and they were so accommodating.

They prepared his lunch and dinner separately so as to avoid cross contamination.

After that we realized he could eat at the WJ without so much fuss.

We were impressed with how the staff handled his allergies. This coupled with the fact that the food at the WJ was sooooooo delicious made it the easy choice for us.

Every day, lunch and dinner, there were different menu options and everything I ate was flavorful. I think they did particularly well with their pork dishes. I still fantasize about their tom kah gai soup bar. Genius! Delicious!


Quick note: I had a coffee package so I could get coffee from Cafè Promenade but they do have coffee in the buffet that’s free. I don’t think I’d go for the coffee package again on our next cruise.

This is only becauset I asked for heavy cream instead of milk every day and they only used heavy cream like 3 times. The other days they just gave me milk.

And, again, I come built in with do-not-get-my-panties-in-a-bunch-DNA so I didn’t make a big deal out of it. Next time I’d probably just bring my own heavy cream? Is that weird?


10/10 would recommend cabin 7451 lol.

Zaful Swimwear-Happy Beach Time-Down to $3.99

We booked an interior cabin. It turned out to be bigger than I expected and because there’s no window or balcony, it was VERY DARK when the lights were out. It made sleep come swift and stay long. If you need a little light, you could also use the television. This is a great tip from EECC Travels.

We had no issues with sea sickness because my husband and I both took bonine tablets every day. Plus we learned from one of the CruiseTubers we follow on YouTube (scroll down to find out who are our faves) that booking a cabin in the middle of the ship would help with sea sickness.

Another CruiseTuber tip that we followed: Pack a battery-operated tea light for the bathroom. This really helps in an inside cabin which is pitch black. It’s just the right amount of light for any late night toilet business so you needn’t fry your mind awake when you turn on all the lights to see where to put your pee.

Our stateroom attendant, Anjas, was a hard working and very pleasant man. He kept the room neat and tidy and we really appreciate it!

We also used our onboard credit for a water package (3 cases of water) which were in our room when we arrived. This is also one thing I think we could’ve done without. There’s water all over the ship. And You can bring a water bottle and fill those if you’re going on a shore excursion.

My meager attempt at the rock wall. Fun fact: I rappelled and gently, but embarrassingly landed on my ass.

Activities on board

We played some trivia and met some really wonderful Aussies who basically knew everything! Trivia is so fun.

I attempted the rock climbing wall. And I ended up on my ass, which, from what I see, is not generally how rock climbing is supposed to end.

There was karaoke and ice skating and a casino. There’s also pools and a full-fledged gym for you hot gym rat cruisers.

We didn’t partake it any of the above but it was exciting, at least for me, to take it all in and watch and observe.

We also come from Guam, which is slower pace, so there were several times when we’d retire to the library and play Scrabble. Cruising is really go at your own pace.

For people who like to party, there are clubs and lounges and pubs and dance parties every day.

We enjoyed going to the nightly shows and especially liked the comedian Jonathan Atherton and the illusionist John Taylor.

(All of this —of course—in between feedings, which were frequent and tasty. 🤤I mean, have I mentioned the food yet?)

Also the Love and Marriage game show, which is common across cruise lines I believe, was an absolute delight to watch.

“No sex” —One of the massage parlors near the port in Thailand makes it clear that there’s no happy ending to be found here.

Ports of Call


Lit. I love Singapore.

Port Klang, Malaysia

Didn’t get off the ship.

Penang, Malaysia

Turned off by Teksi drivers yelling at me about taxis and there wasn’t much to see in the immediate area around the port. Nice enough though.

Langkawi, Malaysia

Lit. It reminded me of Koror. Or a little bit of Chiang Mai. Really chill. and really $$$CHEAP$$$

Phuket, Thailand

Lit. I’ve been to Thailand before but not Phuket. I LOVE THAILAND and will definitely return to that wonderful country. Finally bought myself two pairs of muay thai boxing shorts and it’s the only thing I’ve been wearing since. 😆

We didn’t purchase any shore excursions so I can’ tell you about those. But the ports we did see were easy enough to walk around in and generally easy to get transportation to get to somewhere else.

YouTube Cruisers/Cruisers on YouTube/ (CruiseTubers?)


Their packing videos and livestreams are so well-produced and thorough. I also think Sherry is a great host!

Don from Don’s Family Vacations

Don’s dope. We really like watching his videos on the latest cruise news and his style of editing.


I discovered them just last month and I love how Jay and Dee do their cruise vlogs. It makes me feel like I’m with them on the cruise. That takes so much work to film so much so I commend them for doing it on a vacation! I mean, I couldn’t even remember to take photos of all my food.

Matt form RoyalCaribbeanBlog

We watch and read Matt’s stuff for the inside track to Royal Caribbean because we booked on a RCCL ship. Now that we have, I think we’re officially #LoyaltoRoyal. (LOL I know, I know. I’m cringe)

We watched countless videos from the above YouTubers and their insight was unmatched. I felt so prepared going into the cruise, in very large part thanks to these guys’ videos.

Matt from RoyalCaribbeanBlog also has a podcast that I listened to!

What other CruiseTubers should we be subscribed to?????

Misc. Quick Hits

I follow Voyager’s cruise director, Michelle, on Instagram and it’s so fun to watch her stories! Check it out or, if you want to, check out your ship’s hashtag on IG to see other people’s photos/videos. I think it’s just as entertaining to see what other people are doing on their cruises.

Next time we might try the Main Dining Room.

The cruise line was accommodating for individuals in wheelchairs.

It was our honeymoon so they gave us a bottle of champagne on our first night.


They also offered listening devices for the shows for people who might need them.

We had strong drinks!

I wish I knew they had sprite zero before, but I found out on the last day. Which taught me I should just ask them if they have X, because they just might.

The ship is massive and awe-inspiring. I can’t wait to see other RCCL ships.

Oh, also, we booked through Royal Caribbean. But many experienced cruisers recommend a travel agent.

It seemed to work out for us, this booking on our own. 🤷🏾‍♀️

If you have any questions, leave them below or send me a message! I’ll try to answer to the best of my ability, but of course, please remember my experience with cruising is limited to this one because it’s my first. We plan on cruising way more in the future.

Our last hour on board the ship. This taken from Studio B on deck 3.

Our last hour on board the ship. This taken from Studio B on deck 3.

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