Romwe haul and review

I’m a first-time Romwe customer and I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised with the items I bought from the site.

Bottom line from me, considering the price and quality of the clothes and shipping time, I’ll be purchasing from Romwe again.

I wanted to get some clothes for my first cruise with my husband and wanted some tropical clothing. The trouble was stores, even in Guam, were selling winter clothes. So I placed an order on Romwe’s website on Nov. 26, 2018.

Our cruise would sail in January and I was hoping the items would ship in time. Good news: it did! All the items, as I ordered them, arrived on Dec. 18. This might seem like a long time but considering the Black Friday/Cyber Monday rush and considering that a Fashion Nova order I placed a week after I ordered with Romwe hadn’t even been shipped yet, I considered the delivery time a win.

Here’s what I ordered:


Surprisingly, everything I ordered turned out to be pretty much how I expected.

Note: I expected the clothing quality to be about Forever 21 quality because the pricing. I paid less than $80 for the who shebang. So I set the quality bar at the Forever 21 level and I pretty much got exactly that but without the F21 markup. HALLELUJAH!

Here are the items in various southeast Asia locations as I and the universe and the factory workers who slaved over (probably literally. sorry.) these materials intended:

Some things to note about my order, because I know it’s tricky to know what the items feel like through the screen of your phone or laptop:

I am a size 11 in Fashion Nova jeans and toggle between a size 9 to 11 jeans, so I ordered a Large in the tropical print pants. I’m also 4’ 11” and the pants fit my thighs, waist and I didn’t need to hem it. Note: if you’re taller than me, I think these pants would fit more like a culottes probably.

The t-shirts, which I was expecting to be some Hanes type situation, turned out to be a nice jersey stretchy material. They’re also both quite soft.

As for the other items, the colors were pretty much true to their photos the website and the sizing was, again, as expected.

My Romwe experience: pleasantly surprised and fit my expectations.

I think I want to order shoes from them next. I also am challenging myself not to spend more than $35 on clothing or shoes a month this year. We’ll see how that goes.

Thanks for reading!

Let me know your Romwe experience/clothing review. I’m not above a good bitch fest :)



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