My experience with a DIY at-home eyelash perming kit

Among the good things about YouTube is that you can learn almost anything from watching other people's tutorials. 

I have learned how to use a pipe cutter, I've learned to sew, I've learned how to use plaster of paris. And I can say 98% of the makeup I've purchased since 2009 has been because of the nice-and-shiny beauty gurus of YouTube telling me about their holy grails, how great and pIgMenTeD and how literally life-changing are products X, Y and Z.


So of course I learned about eyelash perming, also known as a lash lift, from beauTubers. 

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I watched videos about it last year and in July I started again.

On YouTube you watch one thing and then YouTube goes hard on your recommends, crawling its database, scraping every video related to eyelashes and perms or lifting your eyelash or lifting your eyelids from the cutting room floor and force feeding it to you, just trying to find out what they think you might like.

So before I knew it, I was eyes deep in lash lift videos, an Amazon tab was open and then ✨⚡️flash!⚡️✨ 

"Thank you for your purchase."

I bought this eyelash perming kit because it was one of a few that would ship to Guam. Aaaaand because I had watch 86 videos already, I knew enough not to use the shitty rods it came with and I also bought these silicone pads.


They arrived together after a couple weeks. I was ready to become beautiful and look exactly like Dulce Candy and I had a small feeling that after I permed my lashes my entire home would be transformed into her mansion. (Because that's how influencer magick works right?)

But then I opened the little bottles and smelled the perming solution...


I pictured the solution burning my retinas and then having to tell the doctor about my addiction to Beauty Gurus on YouTube and wondering how I would earn a living without my eyesight. 

So I held off on perming for a day. I fiddled with the glue and the silicone pads trying them on my eyelid without putting perming solution. In that time I also pondered how delicate eyelid skin is and again pondered my mortality. 

The next day, I'm not sure what happened, maybe Saint Brigid lit a fire in my heart and I just went for it. 

Be prepared for some up close and ugly photos of a regular bitch like me perming her eyelashes after watching hours of influencers do the same. READY....SCROLL!

The photo without my eyebrows is the "after" photo. If you look on my left eye, you'll see, compared to the "before" photo, the lashes do lift up slightly. 

The whole process probably took about two hours. 

AFTER perming my eyelashes at home

AFTER perming my eyelashes at home

I did one eye at a time, lest I burn both irises at the same time and find myself in a perming pickle. 

The lash lift process

Basically you glue a pad to your eyelid.
Get it as close to your lashline as possible. Then flip your lashes onto the pad and glue them down too. 

The kit I bought came with little labeled bottles that were even numbered. So I put the perm solution (Bottle #1) using a Q-Tip on my glued lashes.

Pinkzio Premium Eyelash Perm Kit Bottle #1 Perm Solution

Pinkzio Premium Eyelash Perm Kit Bottle #1 Perm Solution

It's recommended to put them on the tips and the middle of lash shaft (?) so that the lashes don't easily get unstuck to the pad and ruin all your hard work. But I can say my first time, some lashes became unglued and I just tried to hold them in place with a handy-dandy plastic thing that came in the kit.

I let the perming solution sit for the alotted time.

Then I wiped off the perming solution and put on the setting solution (Bottle #2). 

After letting that set, the next step is the moisture lotion (#3) and then you can use the cleansing water (#4)  to take the lashes off the pad. 

I also used the largest size silicone pads that came with the perming kit. Surprisingly this kit came with rods and pads, so I didn't use the pink pads at all, except for practice gluing it to my lid.

I have big, protruding eyeballs so I thought it might be easier to glue the curling pad, and it was, but I think I used the wrong sized curling pad.

In hindsight I should've used the smallest curling pad for a tighter curl. I have pretty long lashes already. So I think a smaller, tighter curl would've produced a better result for me. 

Pinkzio Premium Eyelash Perm Kit Bottle #2

Pinkzio Premium Eyelash Perm Kit Bottle #2

But I read online that it wouldn't bode well for my lashes to do a back-to-back lash lift. I.e. I could essentially fry them into lash dust.

In the end, I had a slight lift in my lashes which, when paired with an eyelash curler, made my lashes really stand out. But I had hoped to perm them so I wouldn't need an eyelash curler. 

The slight lift wasn't what I expected. BUT I can say the lash lift kit worked.

Mostly, it wasn't worth it to me.

The time spent on perming both sides and the potential risk compared to the results? Lackluster.

If I have a couple hours to spare I might try this again. I can say that the experience was an experience. I worked myself into a frenzy watching those videos and thinking to myself "I think I can do that, I can perm my lashes at home for cheap, I can definitely do that, I could totally do that."

I knew I wouldn't rest until I tried it myself. 

If you're looking for a decent eyelash perm kit, I do recommend the one I used. The instructions were easy enough and in English. I think the fact that the kit includes rods and curling silicone pads is a bonus-jonas. 

After perming my lashes I noticed they felt kind of dry and because the results were so anti-climactic I decided to put on some eyelash extensions.

But that's another blog for another day.... 

Well, reader, that's it for me. If you want more shenanigans, then look up eyelash perming videos on YouTube, lol. I'm sure there are many a woman willing to show you their ways. 

Also, I still don't look like Dulce Candy. 🤷🏾‍♀️I guess I'll have to try something else. 

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