My foray into Fashion Nova: A Fashion Nova Review

I think I just became a #Novababe?

The other week I went to Forever21 as I do because #Capitalism and for years I’ve been trying to get in on this Mom Jeans tRenD, but any jean at F21 that isn’t a skinny is made for people whose thighs get mistaken for hotdogs on the internet, so I never really had any luck.

The chatty sales girl in the fitting rooms that day told me she gets all her jeans from Fashion Nova and a light bulb💡 went off for me.

I was aware of ✨Fashion Nova✨ but I never took it seriously until this moment.

I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Then the NovaBabe Gods took over and my fingers went type-type—type and I tapped tapped tapped and all of a sudden I had three pairs of Fashion Nova jeans in my basket.

I will say that the models are 100000% photoshopped and definitely had work done. No one looks like that in real life.

There just aren’t any naturally-occurring pairs of thighs in the world that are attached to plump booties and don’t rub together.

Anyway anyway anyway.

The items were shipped two days after I made the order and it took about 4 days to get to Guam.


I was reviewing the website after I made my order and I realized the sizing of Fashion Nova jeans are a little different. ~Cue an anxiety attack~

The Nova Babe starter pack

The Nova Babe starter pack

So if you are going to become a Nova Babe just **double and triple check** the sizing on the clothes before you order and save yourself a world of stress.

When the clothes arrived I ripped into the packaging and was pleasantly surprised to find out that the jeans fit pretty well.

The high-waisted jeans are REALLY high-waisted but they’re also this thinner material and have a nice stretch. OH and I got them in a size 9.

I’m a short girl so of course the jeans are a little too long but that’s something I deal with with almost all my pants.

The mom jeans I picked out, which are called the Krista High Rise Mom Jean, are a medium blue wash and hit me right at the ankle, so for anyone taller than 4’11”, I think the jeans would come up above the ankle.

Also I bought a pair of biker shorts despite the fact that I haven’t been on a bike in at least 19 years.

So in sum,

  • the Fashion Nova jeans are thin and stretchy and feel nice on thick thighed ladies 10/10 recommend,

  • the mom jeans also surprisingly fits me well another 10/10

  • shipping is fast, always worth 10/10

  • And check the internet for codes before you buy so you get a discount.

  • If you want here’s a link I think for some percentage off. Everyone who orders gets it.

I’ll check back if my powerful thighs rub holes into these jeans, which I’ve done to other jeans.

You know there was a time in my life a couple years ago when I actively avoided fast fashion stores and really tried to live a minimalist life. The past two months I’ve been on a shopping spree though I’m not sure why and I think I’ll try to get back to that….after this second Fashion Nova order of mine arrives in the mail. 🤦🏽‍♀️


Not a huge deal but I would say I should’ve sized up, so if you’re normally a 29-30-31 jean bitch like me, get an 11 at FN.

I can sew the hole. But I cannot heal the hole in your heart.


The biker shorts are substantial material and feel nice on my butt. The cropped hoodie is also a 10/10 highly recommend.

I was really hyped over the the Chicago Short Set and bought it in gray and mocha and I don’t recommend. The material is too thin, not so cute on my cellulite. Plus I don’t have huge boobs so the top doesn’t look that cute on me? I got it in a large and it seems loose, but maybe I’ll exchange for a medium?

THE MODEL MAKES IT LOOKS SO CUTE THO. I’m bummed that the shorts aren’t a thicker material. The classic mini biker shorts are, I think, thicker and great material and I would recommend. So a tip for Fashion Nova shopping: triple check the material.

The good news is now I have something to return so I can review the Fashion Nova return process. Stay tuned!


I realize this post is basically a novel, but a quick note on my return experience:

I spent $13 to mail the unwanted clothes back. FN will only give you store credit, not cash back. From the time it took for me to ship and then receive an email with a gift card #, it took about 3 weeks to process.

AND I had to press their customer service reps about processing my return in order to get store credit.

So take that as you will.

I don’t know if I will have the patience next time to mail items. This time around, really, the motivation was to see if their returns process is as swift as the ordering and shipping process. It was not.

I did use the gift card to buy other items and I paired it with a 25 percent off and free shipping coupon I found online.

Would I shop again at FN? Maybe if I saw something cute and I researched the material it was made of. That’s the gamble with shopping online though.

Ok. Novel is done. Hope that helped you, potential NovaBae!

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