Retreating, emphasis on treat

I regularly retreat from the world online and in real life.

Today I was thinking about this behavior and it occurred to me that it’s actually such a treat to retreat.

At work I often field microaggressions that I know stem from racism and deep insecurities and it’s fucking draining.

I don’t care to post on my personal socials these days.

I went out with friends recently and while I had a good time, I must admit that a bitch also really enjoyed waking up, making my coffee and organizing our bedroom closet.

When we moved we had one dresser and a closet and I never gave myself time to sit down and organize things. So while clothes were hung and folded, they were done so in a haphazard way. I don’t really think it weighed heavily on me but it was a small spot of chaos that stayed with me.

I read Marie Kondo’s magical tips and previously incorporated her strategy of hanging clothes by sleeve length. Since the move, I haven’t established the same order in our closet until today.

It was a small thing but it was an act of self-care.

Retreating and treating myself are one in the same. Maybe it’s because I’m a Cancer or maybe it’s depression who knows?

Semi off-topic but if you’re looking for a yoga app to do yoga at home, I highly recommend Down Dog. I’ve had it for two years now and I use the free version. It’s packed with features for all skill levels, it has a restorative sequence or a regular sequence or sequences specific for opening your hips etc etc. I haven’t come across anything better. #notspons