Jasmine Ad Nauseam Podcast 16: I come from rebellious people

Hello internet!  In Episode 16 of Jasmine Ad Nauseam I continue my New Year, Who Dis journey and tell you about my ancestors: the great people of Sokehs Pohnpei.

If you don’t know I’m half Pohnpeian and half Palauan. I know more about my Palauan side, so I guess this is me trying to learn more about my Pohnpeian side. I also discuss the Cape Town water crisis. Honestly thanks for listening whoever you are :)

To listen to the latest episode (Episode 16) go to the podcast page or listen on the SoundCloud player above.

For more about the rebellion: http://www.micsem.org/photos/sokehs/05.htm

More about the water crisis in Cape Town: http://awsassets.wwf.org.za/downloads/WWFWaterFile_FINAL.pdf

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Have a great damn day. 

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