WhO i aM ~hAteS~ wHo i'Ve bEen: A Roast

Hi Internet! 

In this episode of Jasmine Ad Nauseam, I go back in time and roast myself when I was my most cringeworthy: 13 years old, preparing to enter high school with a false sense of security and my hair slicked down with hair fell, really showcasing my large forehead. 

As promised in this week's podcast episode (click the play button below to listen!) here are the photos of me when I was younger and the one-page blog entry that somehow made it to publish in our middle school yearbook. 


I am mortified just thinking about how I acted back then, so re-reading what I wrote as a tEenAger has me diabolically depressed by way of self-secondhand-embarassment. 

Call the doctor, because this episode is SICKENING. 

If you had a laugh, then maybe follow me on twitter or Instagram. And subscribe to the podcast. If you feel empty inside after listening to this episode, try listening to the other past episodes to fill your emptiness and if that doesn't work, try going to the doctor. BUT NOT AFTER LISTENING TO THE EPISODES. 

Thanks for listening. I hope you suffered some secondhand embarrassment and you feel better about yourself.

See you when I see you!