Podcast Equipment I Use


For anyone wondering, I thought I'd list some equipment I use for my podcast. I'm a beginner and I don't have a dedicated space to record with guests so I use the Zoom H4N Pro and two Samson mics with XLR connections because its portable. The good news is that the mics are also USB microphones and I can record with my laptop if I need to. 

I bought two microphones back in 2015. I did my research and found them reasonably priced and I was later glad they came with the XLR connection. Truly I only wanted it for the USB connection but now that I use the H4N the XLR connections have been a  g o d s e n d, dawg.




Initially I thought I'd use my laptop to record but setting up two mics proved to be a hassle when I recorded in Garageband. My laptop is also a lil slow. So if you have that problem, I think the H4N is worth the investment. 

The H4N Pro is handy and sounds great for my needs. I highly recommend for any beginners like myself. 

I also edit using Audacity, which is quick and easy. 

What does your podcast set up look like? Everyone loves a #bts photo. Comment below and let me know what mics you other podcasters use!

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