5 reasons Laguna Beach would get dragged by Twitter

I know. I know. You're like, Another Laguna Beach post? What's up with this girl?

But hear me out (literally, I have a podcast!) I reminisced and watched some episodes of the first season last week and this will be my last Laguna Beach thought dump until the next time. But I promise that next time won't be for a long time.

So I have thoughts, guys.

It occurred to me that Laguna Beach, which first aired in October 2004, probably, definitely, maybe couldn't or wouldn't be the success it was then if it aired in 2017. First, back then, they didn't even have Twitter. So who would live tweet it? Would it even trend? How can the cast members tell people on the West Coast it was their turn to watch the newest episode now that the they're finally in the right time zone??? (Would the West Coast even watch television if cast members of shows didn't tweet it to remind them? Think about that for a second, folks, a whole half of a country possibly would never know when to turn on their televisions but are now informed because of gracious celebrities who tweet them gentle reminders to change channels.)

This was quite the revelation to me, because this show was like a big deal to me during my most formative years, you know. The fashion, the attitudes, the ~d r a m a~. I think it shaped some of my thinking. (Yikes)

The above and other thoughts ran, or perhaps, more aptly, skimboarded through my brain waves and it occurred to me: at least one person  on Twitter would have a problem with some of the stuff on the show. Namely:

5. Women in the kitchen

lagunabeachkitchen kristen cavallari gif kitchen

Make your own shitty pasta, boys. And your damn sandwiches. I can picture the Thought Catalog/Elite Daily think piece and Twitter thread on why filming female teenagers cook a meal for their boyfies is reinforcing the values of this godforsaken patriarchial society. (Heck, am I not writing part of that right now?)

4. Pitting LC and Kristen against each other

lauren conrad television cabot resort laguna beach

This sort of goes along with the above point. Women are so great and we've come to collectively realize our greatness and that should be recognized in each other. Ladies these days are more inclined to build each other up. The same Twitter thread that would be upset with Kristin in the kitchen would most definitely rant about how she and LC shouldn't be rivals.

Look at all the beautiful supportive Instagram quotes we're reposting. Women like endorsing other women! 

3. No diversity

cast search google image google search

You know a bitch would tweet some #LagunaBeachSoWhite shit at Comcast. I'm loving seeing all these people of color in mainstream media lately and I don't think I'm the only one. I'm patiently waiting to stan for the first Micronesian woman in Hollywood. I'm looking at you, Jennifer Dugwen Chieng. 

2. Using the word "retarded" 

laguna beach retarded lo and lc in the mall

I don't think people even use the word retarded anymore and definitely not in this context. 

1. Slut shaming.

stephen slut shaming

Need I say more? I already feel your thumbs itching to tweet fire emojis at Stephen for his callous slut-shamy behavior. WE DON'T KINK SHAME EITHER IN 2017 OK?!

If you want to hear more about my thoughts on Laguna Beach, listen to this week's episode of Jasmine Ad Nauseam, the podcast bay-beeeeeee. 

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