I don't (usually) get sick

...but I do get a stress stye (sty?) from time to time. 

Louise Hay has said ailments related a stye/sty is related to being angry at someone and "looking through angry eyes." 


Recently a person has entered my sphere of life and is very annoying. I've spent maybe 100 combined hours ranting about it to several people and it's like d r a i n i n g me. 

It's physically affecting me and I figured maybe I don't want to be Quasimodo so, I'll work on not letting this person annoy me and let it go. 

Also it reminds me of this Herman Hesse attributed quote (correct me if I'm wrong, Internet) essentially saying what we hate about a person is something we hate in ourselves. I'll deep dive into this and get back to you.

For now I'm nursing a sty/stye and trying to alleviate my (possibly misplaced) anger at an annoying person and I'm just trying to get through the day and get to the weekend.

Sometimes I'm in awe at how my body is so affected by my thoughts but it all makes ~~~sense~~~ because we're all just energy and everything's ✨✨connected✨✨

Btw, how was your Halloween? (She asks into the blackest hole of the world wide web)