Hi friends!

So, first this website started out as sort of a home base for my podcast. Then, it evolved into a budding beauty/fashion blogger’s space to experiment.

Then, after rediscovering my love for thrifting, we find ourselves here. You and me and this website where I can unabashedly gush about other men’s trash which are now my treasures.

Mostly I needed a space to rave because I sense my husband has grown weary of my thrift babble. But I knew I’d find a friend in you!

Send me links to your thrift blogs or IG handles of fellow thrifters. I get great joy in seeing what people other people find at thrift stores.

I’ve also got a podcast, Jasmine Ad Nauseam, which is on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, TuneIn, Stitcher and SoundCloud.  Listen to it if you’d like your ears to bleed. (see: a joke). I talk about viral tweets and pull a tarot card for the week!


Thank you for being here! Send me a message with your thoughts!