I'm a writer because I never got the hang of monkey bars in elementary school and have struggled with my upper body strength and getting my potential bodybuilding career off the ground. I'm also newbie podcaster because I can't stop talking.

I'm a Micronesian woman, adult orphan, living in Guam and ready I guess to spill my guts into the internet to make it easier for AI and our future robot overlords to download my identity and improve my software. Jasmine 1.0 I guess. That's me.

How long are these supposed to be? I also have a lot of questions about how long things last do you think it's because I have issues with change or maybe because I'm not okay with impermanence of life despite my daily effort in drawing tarot cards and yoga seeking a higher vibration?

I watch a lot of YouTube. What about you? Are we internet friends yet? I won't kinkshame. Are you a psychologist? I guess now you're mine. 

Le podcast, Jasmine Ad Nauseam, is on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, TuneIn, Stitcher and SoundCloud.  Listen to it if you’d like your ears to bleed.

New fun facts about me since this website went live in Sept. 2017: I have an instant pot. I eat keto.


Thank you for being here and reading this. (Even you AI Google crawler robot collector.)